Once again one step away from heaven


Michele Fanfani

2022 september 22-24

Saint Lawrence river

Massena, N.Y.

MLF Toyota Series, Northern Division

Once again this season, Jacopo comes one step away from the top 10, ranking 19th on the St. Lawrence River (Massena, NY), the last stop of the MLF Toyota Series, Northern Division.
With just one tournament to go, the 2022 season could be defined as excellent if it weren’t for the fact that almost achieving another feat still leaves a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth.
On Day 1, he started off very well, bringing in a weight of 21.06 pounds. Fishing with ease using a technique that allowed him to scrape the bottom while drifting with the current of the river.
For this excellent result, which placed him in 14th position, Jacopo practically used only one technique and one piece of equipment.
Specifically, a 13 Fishing casting rod model Envy Black III, 7’6” feet, with a power range of 3/8 oz. up to 1 1/4oz. with a Medium-Heavy Extra Fast action.
A 13 Fishing Concept C Gen II reel with a 8.3:1 gear ratio spooled with a 17-pound Advance Fluorocarbon Sufix line.
Since the smallies were practically staying on the bottom, he used a Carolina rig with a 3/4oz tungsten weight and a Bkk Nemesis size 2.0 hook. And finally, an all-Italian bait, the Freakly Flip by Molix, in Okee Craw color.
Despite the unstable weather and some technical problems on Day 2, Jacopo managed to maintain a very high weight, and with 21.08 pounds, he took an extraordinary 4th place, unleashing the enthusiasm of his most avid supporters in Italy (Curva Gallelli).
On Day 3, everything seemed to indicate that he would maintain his position in the Top 10 and even hope for something more. But as often happens in life, as in sport, when things start to go wrong, it’s very difficult to fix them. Nevertheless, Jacopo’s great passion and undisputed professionalism led him to never give up, always hoping for an important catch on the last cast.
And it would have been so if a big smallmouth (estimated at about 4.5 pounds) hadn’t decided that it wasn’t the day to weigh in with its four smaller companions.
And so Jacopo leaves the St. Lawrence River, slipping to 19th place.
An excellent result, if you analyze the entire season, but filled with regrets for having had an even more significant success within reach.
After a journey of over 17 hours, Jacopo will return to what should now be considered his home lake in Guntersville.
He awaits the last event of 2022 from November 3rd to 5th for the Title Toyota Series.

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Michele Fanfani
Michele, 60 years old, Florentine like Jacopo, followed him during all phases of his sporting career in Italy and accompanied him to America at the start of his professional career. He achived several successes fishing along with Jacopo but above all he conceived and created the Italian magazine “Bassfishing” and the publication “The Secrets of Bassfishing”. He currently follows Jacopo along his career and is the creator and administrator of the “Curva Gallelli” Fans Club.