Blog Article Picture - Is it still a spectacle?

Is it still a spectacle?


Michele Fanfani

Despite all of our love for bass fishing in all of its forms, it’s hard not to remark that the spectacle of live-streamed bass fishing from American tournaments has diminished over the past two years. It’s a shame, because the Americans are masters of televised entertainment and we are a bit surprised by what is happening on the MLF circuit.  

The advent of fishing with Livescope and with similar technologies obligates anglers to endure long fishing sessions curved over the screens at their feet, without ever casting toward structure or an interested grass mat. Of course, the bites can come at a constant clip, but for those of us watching the live stream it hardly constitutes a spectacle. Add the live weighing and immediate release, and you’ve also lost the show at the podium.

Apparently, this last method is better for the fish, who are returned almost immediately after being landed, sparing them the stress of a visit to the livewell. But in reality, a tournament that is devoted to catching the biggest fish limits the number of catches (thereby placing fewer fish in the livewell), and in that way is different than the unlimited catch that is the formula of the Bass Pro Tour.

In sum, in watching Jacopo’s tournaments from home, we, the Italian audience, have noticed these changes. We are also sure, however, that American media won’t easily betray their commitment to spectacle and entertainment, and that they are probably already reconsidering it.

Blog Article Picture - Is it still a spectacle?

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Michele Fanfani
Michele, 60 years old, Florentine like Jacopo, followed him during all phases of his sporting career in Italy and accompanied him to America at the start of his professional career. He achived several successes fishing along with Jacopo but above all he conceived and created the Italian magazine “Bassfishing” and the publication “The Secrets of Bassfishing”. He currently follows Jacopo along his career and is the creator and administrator of the “Curva Gallelli” Fans Club.