Ancora in sella, nonostante tutto

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E’ ovviamente sempre più difficile commentare i risultati del tuo “cavallo” quando non vince o non si piazza bene.
Ma tu sai che questo “cavallo” è un purosangue di razza e che ha tutte le qualità per fare sempre bene in gara.

And we fans who passionately cheer for him continue to believe that he can still compete for the top spots.

Maybe we don’t appreciate that this year is not a competition year like the others. Our champion is running now with the fifty best horses in the world. As such, a poor result can still put him on the track to a better result.

Wacky&Neko = Predator W.G 

Jacopo Gallelli BKK Predator WG Weedless - Foto 7

In recent years, techniques like wacky rig and neko have become very popular among Bass fishermen around the world. The need to have a specific hook for this technique that had specific characteristics of snag resistance, ease of bait rigging, and hook set capability, led me to request BKK to develop some prototypes. From the […]

Jacopo si adatta, con risultati migliori

Jacopo Gallelli - Santee Cooper 2024 - Foto 3

When the first bass you catch weighs seven pounds, six ounces, you can be pretty sure your day has begun well and you would say it on almost any lake. But on the Bass Pro Tour, anything can happen. For example, you might land a giant bass and then not catch another, or you might […]

Bene, ma non benissimo.

Jacopo Gallelli - Lake Guntersville

Jacopo competed in his second tournament of the season when he fished his home lake, Guntersvillein the Phoenix Bass Fishing League tournament there. He chose to compete and practice there even though it is not part of the Bass Pro Tour, because it nonetheless offered Jacopo a chance to stay sharp, practice new strategies and […]

Freedom Marine Center e Jacopo Gallelli

Jacopo Gallelli - Freedom Marine

The sponsorship and support from Freedom Marine Center of Guntersville are tightening even further for the newly started season. Jacopo’s participation in the Bass Pro Tour 2024 can therefore increasingly rely on the professionalism and availability of the friends at Freedom Marine who have been following Jacopo since his early important races in America. On […]

Toledo Bend, una prima esperienza da brividi.

Blog Article: Bass Pro Tour 2024 - Toledo Bend - Foto 1

Having obtained his last minute invite to the long sought after Bass Pro Tour, Jacopo showed up on Toledo Bend loaded with hope and new insights to begin the new season in the best way. A few days of official practice available to him provided interesting results, so much so that he thought he might […]

E’ ancora spettacolo?

Blog Article Picture - Is it still a spectacle?

Despite all of our love for bass fishing in all of its forms, it’s hard not to remark that the spectacle of live-streamed bass fishing from American tournaments has diminished over the past two years. It’s a shame, because the Americans are masters of televised entertainment and we are a bit surprised by what is […]

Una nuova voglia di correre in casa Gallelli

Jacopo Gallelli - Sponsor Yamaha

In order to celebrate his participation on the Bass Pro Tour, and thanks to its sponsorship, Jacopo can count on running a new Yamaha outboard motor in 2024. He is already on the water testing the new motor and has sent along glowing reviews. Yamaha has perennially been a trusted brand, and we count on […]

Salgo o non salgo?

Jacopo Gallelli - Bass Pro Tour 2024

Jacopo was travelling to practice a big lake that was far away from home when a phone call changed his plans for 2024. It was as if the train that he thought would pass him by suddenly stopped in front of him. And Jacopo had to decide quickly: should I board the train or not? […]